We are currently unable to accept orders through our site. Please call 01225 312805 to order

Our Home Delivery Service

How To Order

Customers can place an order by telephone to 01225 312805, by email to info@cavendishcooks.co.uk (please include telephone contact information), or through this website. 

Customers In Bath

If you are live in Bath we can arrange to deliver your order to you ourselves at a charge of £6 per order with a minimum order of £50. Please telephone or email your order directly to info@cavendishcooks.co.uk and we will send confirmation of your order and your invoice with details of how to pay.

Customers Outside Bath (England & Wales)

Our food comes packaged in 'Wool Cool' insulation and ice packs guaranteeing the food will stay frozen for 24 hours. In order to guarantee the frozen condition we use a guaranteed next day before noon service. It is not possible to redeliver so if you think you will not be in you must accept that the parcel will be left at your risk or provide alternative arrangements for receiving the parcel.

We aim to ship your food within two working days after we receive your payment. For example, if you order on a Monday the delivery would be collected from us on Wednesday and delivered to you on Thursday before noon. If you order on a Thursday, a Friday or over the weekend, orders will be processed on Monday, so you should expect delivery Tuesday morning. Please see the Delivery Day table shown below. We regret that we cannot deliver to Scotland, the Isles of Man and Scilly, and Northern Ireland.

If you require your order for a particular day, please contact us for further details.

Our standard delivery & packaging charge is £12 per parcel holding up to 36 items. Delivery & packing charge for up to 72 items is £24. Our minimum order is £85. We are sorry that our minimum order is relatively high but the packaging and next day transport cost for frozen food is rather expensive and our true cost is well in excess of £20 so we are already providing a significant discount even at £85.

Delivery Day

Order From Us On Delivered To You On
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday - Sunday Tuesday